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We love the amazing denominations and organisations we get to partner with. One of them is the Elim Pentecostal Churches. They have some amazing resources for evangelism and mission. One youth-specific one for schools is - Lift The Lid. This is an exciting initiative which aims to provide quality RE resources, covering the subject of Christianity for Primary and Secondary Schools. 

They are passionate about equipping teachers with Bible-based and innovative resources that inspire and engage children and young people in the class room and which can be easily adapted for use in Children’s and Youth Ministries.

The Lift The Lid Discovery Boxes are full of resources that have been developed by teachers, with reference to the RE Agreed Syllabuses, to support teachers to teach effectively about the Christian faith in an interesting and relevant way. They provide the opportunity to explore what the Bible says and how the Christian faith impacts individuals and communities, as well as encouraging young people to explore and develop their own knowledge and understanding.

Gifting a Lift The Lid Discovery Box to a school provides local churches with the opportunity to connect to their local schools and build a meaningful and long-lasting link which can be significant for both the school and the church and has huge benefits for both.

Last year they delivered over 100 Discovery Boxes, which have been very well received from both churches and schools.

“The resources in the box are outstanding. We were very impressed with them.”
Teacher, Cardiff Primary School
“There is nothing out there like it.”
Teacher, North Yorkshire Secondary School

They would love to be able to help you connect and support your local schools and support and resource your Youth Ministry.

Please visit their website: to see their full range of resources.
Amplify [Young Evangelist Academy]

We are so excited about the 61 amazing young evangelist who are part of the Amplify Programme this year; here are some of their stories. 

One girl in Blackburn connected with the Gideons who were visiting her school. She took Bibles from them and began to distribute them in her classes. Then the teacher asked her to share why she believed the Bible in front of the whole class. 

Another girl went back to her college in Sheffield and was so keen to share her faith more, that she took the first opportunity she had that week, beginning a conversation with her Muslim friends. As she has initiated further conversations over the following weeks, a number of them have continued to journey with her, finding out about how Jesus could change their lives.

Other stories include: one young person from Chorley setting up a clothing brand that is gospel-based; one lad from Coventry creating a YouTube channel to communicate the gospel and another girl from Colne writing a blog about her illness to communicate the gospel through her story.

Amplify is the youth arm of Advance 2020. It exists to mentor young people in evangelism through a year-long programme. Watch the video or visit the Advance 2020 website to find out more. Please share the news with the young people and youth leaders in your church.
Updates in brief…

Youth Evangelism Conference 2020 is just round the corner in Cambridge this Saturday and then in Manchester on Saturday 21st March. This year’s theme is ‘For The Love Of God’ - the Love of God compels us to reach a generation, the Love of God is powerful & can't be contained, and this same Love drives out the fears [1 John 4:18] we have around reaching young people for Jesus in a post-Christian and post-truth society. We would love you and your youth team, church leader, and parents in your church, to join us in 2020. We also have Mark Ritchie & Laura Hancock joining us in both locations. For more info and to book, head to the website


Maybe you have heard about Prayer 2020… and maybe you haven’t! 
We have been stirred that this year is a year of harvest and seeing salvation like never before! Prayer 2020 is simple: on the 20th of each month at 20:20 pray for 20 minutes. Pray … that God will give many opportunities to speak about Christ (Colossians 4:3 NLT). So go for it, even today!!!


Please let us know if we can resource you more and how we can pray for you!
E-mail Sue to let us know any prayer requests or support we can give.

Bless ya,
Dan & Hope Youth Team

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