Mission Academy Live Small Groups

Hundreds of Mission Academy Live (MAL) small groups will be established consisting of young people aged 11-18 and a leader. MAL small groups may be existing groups or newly formed groups and will be encouraged to meet monthly. Working through 10 video based sessions these groups will offer ongoing peer to peer challenge with a primary focus for young people to be reaching out to six of their friends. At the heart of the MAL Small Groups, in the context of peer to peer evangelism, is discipleship, accountability, and prayer. Small Groups sessions will be facilitated by youth workers, volunteers or church leaders providing the platform for peer to peer evangelism amongst young people. 

Commitment required of MAL small group leaders:
  • To be responsible for facilitating the MAL video based sessions, committing to journey the 10 monthly sessions with your group
  • To choose, if helpful, to work with a specific age bracket within the 11-18 age group. Eg 11-14’s, 14-18’s, 13-16’s etc.
  • To be willing to support your Hub leader to be part of shaping and delivering an end of year evangelistic event with your MAL small group, and other groups in your Hub.
  • To decide whether you would like to start MAL small group in the context of an existing group or as a bespoke newly formed group for MAL
  • To have a fully enhanced CRB check

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