Regional Hubs

Regional Hubs will bring Mission Academy Live together for an evangelistic event in 2018. This event, whether a youth fun day, a worship outreach service, a celebration event, or anything else, will offer the opportunity to celebrate all that God has been doing, whilst also providing an evangelistic event for the young people to invite their six chosen friends to.

Additionally, regional Hubs might run a ‘support day’ where the Mission Small Groups can gather together to Academy Live small groups in their Hub are invited to can gather together to share testimony as to how God has been using them in the lives of their friends. It’s one thing for the young people to be encouraged by those within their own Mission Academy Live small group, it takes it to another level for them to be encouraged by testimonies from those from across their region. These ‘support days can also be used to involve the young people in the planning of the Hub evangelistic event so they can have greater ownership of it. Our hope is that through these Hubs there will be a legacy of working together for youth evangelism into the future.

Commitment required of Hub leaders
  • To lead in the organising of an evangelistic event working together with your MAL small group leaders to co-ordinate this event.
  • To consider organising an optional Hub ‘support’ day / evening, that invites all the MAL small groups in your Hub, to come together as described above.
  • Following the evangelistic event consider continuing to meet with MAL small group leaders, and other key youth workers to build on the MAL journey and facilitate further united evangelistic moments and strategies for your area. 

Download the HOPE Revolution Event Planning Guide (2Mb PDF )


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