Friday Focus Outline for prayer meeting/home group

  1. Decide on which theme(s) to focus on, especially if it’s not a weekly group.
  2. Find out about the theme(s) to apply to your own church/group/context.
    • What is God already doing? Share stories and/or updates on work done by individuals/organisations/churches?
    • What are some opportunities/challenges before us?
    • How is the Lord leading us to pray?
  3. Prepare a simple outline to include: 
    • worship and thanksgiving
    • time to reflect on key Bible passages
    • time to hear some stories in person or online
    • time to pray around the theme(s) – personally, locally, regionally, nationally
    • times of waiting on God, asking for his mercy 

Do include prayer for each person to be ‘filled to the measure of all the fullness of God’ (Ephesians 3:19) and encourage each person as they Pray for Five –

Do remember to close by talking about what practical action follows on from the prayer e.g. what might God want us to ‘do’ or ‘say’ as we go about our daily lives, a follow-up conversation with a church leader, a resolution to keep praying – however the Lord leads.