Who? - The Story of Jesus

Introduce people to Jesus in a new way and back up Christian action with words.

Paul Langham and Roy Crowne

HOPE’s partner Bible Society has published Who? – The Story of Jesus to help churches put faith into words as well as action as part of HOPE 2014’s year of mission together. Paul Langham, who wrote Who? is pictured with Roy Crowne.
‘We are thrilled to work in partnership with Bible Society to produce this book as a resource for the whole church to use to introduce people to Jesus, whose love has transformed our lives,’ says Roy Crowne, Executive Director of HOPE. ‘The person behind this book has impacted thousands of lives over thousands of years and is still having that same impact today. I pray that many people of all ages will be drawn into the story, enjoy the read but more than that, encounter the person who introduces himself through its pages.’
The life and death of Jesus were written from different viewpoints Matthew, Mark and Luke and yet, they set out their material in a similar way. In Who? – The Story of Jesus their words are blended together into a single faithful account, so the story of Jesus is brought to life through the eyes of his closest companions. Friends, sceptics and enemies all asked, ‘Who is he?’ Give someone the gift of Who? – The Story of Jesus and help them find out for themselves.

  • Use to give a reason for the hope you have (1 Peter 3:15)
  • Give copies away to schools and individuals in your community
  • Use at Alpha, Christianity Explored and other courses introducing people to Jesus
  • Support new comers to the Christian faith

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