HOPE logos

Please feel free to use the HOPE logo on all your publicity to link your local mission plans with the national initiative. That will give your local plans greater impact. 

HOPE is not prescriptive. As long as as you are putting Christian faith into words and action together with others in your community, you can use the HOPE logo. We are happy for any churches, organisations and inter-church groups to use our various logos to brand mission projects or programmes that aspire to the HOPE vision.

If you use a logo please respect and work with the ethos of HOPE as you share Christian hope in your village, town or city. If you are adding your own strap line, the font we use is Desyrel, which is freely available.

HOPE branded resources can be ordered from CPO's HOPE shop.

The guide to using the HOPE logo can be downloaded here (PDF format).

The full set of HOPE logos can be downloaded here (7.6Mb Zip file)

HOPE Revolution Logo

The full set of HOPE Revolution logos can be downloaded here (6.5Mb Zip file)  


Remembrance 100 Logo

The full set of Remembrance 100 logos can be downloaded here (3.2Mb Zip file)

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