Making Jesus known at Easter

How do we make Jesus known to the 39% of the UK population who don’t know if Jesus is a real person? Easter is a key season to invite people to find out about Jesus. Hold a guest service. Explain who Jesus is and how people can live in the power of the resurrection today. Then give a clear opportunity for people to respond. Prepare in advance by having literature, or a follow-up course ready.

We have three fantastic tools for churches to use: a book to give, a film to show and a course to explore more.

The book: ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ is written for your non-Christian friends and neighbours; the people you will be inviting to your church’s Easter guest service. Give it away as a gift.

‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ takes readers on a journey of discovery using words and pictures to help you explain who Jesus is, why he died and what the resurrection can mean for people today.
The film: Designed for you to show in church on Easter Sunday, this 4-minute video accompanies the book, helping people to explore the question Jesus asked: ‘Who Do You Say I Am?’ Footage for this short video has been shot in Israel to show places Jesus lived, with three interviews exploring the evidence and experience of lives changed.

The course: Life Explored is a seven-part series featuring a combination of short films shot around the world, and interaction with the Bible. HOPE has three of the films available for you to use free. Life Explored asks ‘What makes people happy?’ and shows how our deepest desires for happiness can only be satisfied in one person, Jesus Christ. Life Explored is as flexible as you are. It’s been designed to be used one-to-one, or with larger groups meeting in a bigger space together.

The book costs £11.50 (plus p&p) for a pack of 10 and is available from Download the films from


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