Ages & Stages 

HOPE is working with churches and partner organisations to bring together examples of best practice as churches share faith with people of all ages and stages in life. If you have a story to share about people coming to faith in Christ, please contact the HOPE office so we can encourage others.

Here's one story which encouraged us...

The girl in the red jumper

Emma always dressed in black. Black summed up her feelings about herself and her life. A bizarre set of circumstances meant she had left life on the streets and was living with a family near Ashburnham Place. They had been so welcoming and forgiving, so when they gave her a gift – a bright red, woolly jumper – she couldn’t refuse. And then they invited her to a Marilyn Baker concert and asked her to wear it. Marilyn is blind so it was a shock when, halfway through the evening, she stopped playing and said: ‘God wants to tell the girl in the red jumper he loves her very much!’ Emma jumped up and ran… God was on her case and now, more than 20 years on, Emma and her husband work together, introducing people to Jesus and his amazing love.