Harvest 2017 – Food with Friends

In the autumn churches have traditionally celebrated Harvest. In times past, Harvest was a major festival celebrated in villages and towns across the country. HOPE wants to put Harvest back at the centre of church and community life. 

Harvest is a celebration of all the good things God gives us, whether that’s produce or our capacity to generate income in today's world. It’s also a time to enjoy these good things through food and friendship, and to give to others who may be less fortunate.

HOPE wants to see a culture of hospitality and generosity becoming an important part of our church life, where we invite acquaintances and friends to share life and good food with us. 

Share a Meal

This autumn, HOPE is joining with World Vision UK to bring communities together to celebrate harvest. 

The idea is simple: invite your friends, neighbours and colleagues for a meal and enjoy a great time together. Guests are invited to give the cost of their meal to Share a Meal to help some of the most vulnerable children around the world.

This is one way that you could celebrate Harvest this year. HOPE trusts that many other ideas will emerge as the Church makes the most of this Harvest period.