News Update December 2017
The New Testament opens with a list of names: men and women whose stories were each part of God’s preparation for Jesus’ coming. Throughout history, up to that point, God’s Holy Spirit was preparing for that amazing day, when God became flesh.

One of Jesus’ last words before he ascended to his Father was, 'Go! Make disciples.' HOPE 2018’s vision of growth is our response to that command.

We’ve seen significant changes in the UK church since HOPE began with Hope 08. We are far better at putting our faith into action as well as words. We are better at working together. Now we are praying that the preparations taking place in churches throughout the land will mean that together, we make Jesus known in 2018.

We began 2017 praying: '...that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ' (Colossians 4: 22-4). We have seen openings in hundreds of villages, towns and cities as local churches prepare to make Jesus known together in 2018. Leaders in Rochester, Coventry, Bristol, Canterbury, and many more areas are preparing for HOPE 2018. More than 500 groups have signed up for Mission Academy Live, as young people work together to put their faith into words and action with their peers. We are praying that this coming year of mission will be fruitful, as people find faith, hope and the love of God in Christ.

We are thrilled at the number of people who have joined us in praying for HOPE 2018; for the thousands who have used the Talking Jesus research to train to give a reason for the hope we have and for the many thousands who have used HOPE’s give-away resources to start a conversation about Jesus. (We have sold out of stocks of the book Who Do You Say I Am? - the new print run arrives in early January.)

Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit takes our prayers, our conversations, our acts of service and every book or magazine we have given away, and brings forth lasting fruit - lives changed by an encounter with Jesus.

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May God bless all you do in Jesus’ name - and may you have a wonderful Christmas and a hope-filled New Year.

Roy Crowne, and the HOPE team