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Mission Academy 

HOPE Revolution is releasing 1000s of young people to lead word and action mission all over the UK. We’re equipping young people who are passionate about living a radical life for Jesus to step out of their comfort zones to demonstrate God’s love through words and action 24/7. The goal is a generation of young people living a lifestyle of mission.

As an expansion of the Fun-Size Mission Academy and the ‘Chatterbox’ tool, Mission Academies will equip and release young people to pioneer mission over a suggested one term period, which can readily be repeated as part of a yearly calendar. Over 30 Mission Academies have been launched since 2012 and now as we build to 2018 we are ready to see many more Mission Academies nationwide.

Our vision is to see young people become radical followers of Jesus, planning and delivering mission in words and action in their community. The Mission Academy will support them as they become bold and effective, with the courage to share their faith, inspiring other young people to do the same.

The Mission Academy involves gathering young people, with their youth leader, preferably from across a number of churches, and taking them through a repeated process of dreaming up and delivering creative ideas to share their faith. Through this process, confidence grows in sharing faith, and importantly ongoing activity and review enables significant learning and growth. All the necessary information, materials and sessions are provided in the Mission Academy Handbook for your guidance. 

We are also thrilled through the YEF fund to be able to offer up to 50% funding for each mission activity resulting from the Mission Academy. 

For support in setting up your Mission Academy please contact phil.timson@hopetogether.org.uk who would be thrilled to discuss this with you.

'We want to see loads of people come to Jesus. Everybody is all in this together. The purpose of being Christian is to share the Good News of Jesus. All we want is to be obedient to the Great Commission.  As someone deeply committed to mission, ministry and leadership training among young people today, I am excited about HOPE Revolution’s Mission Academies and the vision to equip young leaders with vision, understanding and creativity to serve God in our world.'  Mike Pilavachi- Associate Director of Soul Survivor 

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