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Much of the success of HOPE 08 lay with local activists (either acting alone or as part of an organisation) who were excited to join with others and grabbed the vision of HOPE for their town, village or city. They promoted the ideas which formed HOPE where they live. HOPE, in the lead up to a big year of mission in 2014, will be no different in this respect because HOPE is a grassroots movement and without people on the local level there would be no point. We seek to enthuse ordinary Christians to do extra-ordinary things. Everyone can get involved.

There are loads of HOPE groups bringing churches together in their areas to do more together in words and actions, having an impact in their community. This map shows some of the areas where HOPE is already high on the agenda of local churches.  

We would love to link you with people where you live or enable you to start linking churches in your area to HOPE.

To register your church click here

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